"It has been an aspiring journey for me by choosing PGDM at NSOM .It just wasn’t a mere theoretical enforcement of the course but a blend of practical & theoretical knowledge which is much appreciated in the industries these days"



"NITTE has molded me into an individual that has gained respect from almost every student in campus. It has been a platform that not only showed me the right path I am meant for, but also ensured that I stay on that path and continues to achieve. The 2 most valuable years spent at NITTE has indeed sharpened my knowledge and helped a lot in shaping up my future in this highly competitive corporate world. Also NITTE helped me in growing as a person with strong analytical ability and with the capability of facing the situations ethically."



"I had a great time pursuing my PGDM at NSM, Bangalore. We had the opportunity of experiencing real time education as we had some of the best of the faculties coaching us from across industries and the academia. The encouragement and support extended by the faculty members has made me confident to face the Corporate world today..."



"I am glad I took right decision to join NSM, Bangalore to pursue my PGDM course. I always felt the need for personal coaching; I got exactly the same at NSM, Bangalore. The rigorous presentation, seminars and assignments given to us created an effective impact to improve my overall personality. "



"The PGDM program at NSM, Bangalore is very innovative in nature. It maintains a firm focus on the current and future needs of industry exploring various real world challenges by using advance curriculum to create an ethical balance between managerial skills and practical knowledge."

Nachiketh Desshpandy


"The PGDM in NSM, Bangalore is not an end in itself, but a means to an end, here I went through a course which has given me the ability to develop my career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace."