Core Values

The following values are widely shared in the NITTE School of Management (NSM) community and these provide the context within which the School strives for excellence in achieving its goals.

  • Believing in the power of ideas and intellect
  • Striving for excellence in everything we do.
  • Acting with integrity
  • Exhibiting compassion and respect for others
  • Taking ownership of one’s actions.
  • Imbibe the spirit of life-long learning; develop the skills to take on any challenge, any time anywhere and be a global citizen.

Our Strategy

We seek to attract faculty and students with high leadership potential and engage in an academically-rigorous, research-supported, mutually-responsible learning process, enhanced by uncommon levels of interdisciplinary scholarship and community engagement. The impact of our ideas and our students extend globally in meaningful ways. The system of teacher guardianship where in a group of students are assigned a teacher is a unique feature of our institutions. This helps a teacher attend to each students’ needs and aspiration. Professional campus counselors interact with students having personal, disciplinary or emotional problems and give a win-win solution for them.

We seek to instill the following attributes in our students

  • Respect for diverse cultures, social norms, and legitimate business practices
  • Understanding of the complexities of managing businesses effectively in a global environment
  • Awareness of the impact of businesses on the communities in which they operate and on larger global issues.
  • We aim at achieving success with a difference. NSM welcomes you into the path, the gateway for success.

Our Strength

Our programs are designed to significantly enhance your career prospects by strengthening your ability to contribute meaningfully to your business and community. To this end, we seek individuals who are ready to be actively engaged in the global economy both professionally and personally. We replicate real corporate challenges.

We teach you to do business in a business. You can get opportunities to work on real time projects for Business Organization.

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