Life at NITTE can be summarized into one single word - 'challenging'. The system here is such that you are challenged everyday to shed your cocoon and come out of your comfort zone and every time you think you’ve finally adapted to the system, it changes itself again and puts forth a whole new challenge.

But that’s the beauty of the system. It teaches me to prioritize my obligations. It has taught me to stand up, dust myself and keep moving every time I stumble upon a hurdle. The curriculum here is such that at the end of it. I learn how to deal with people of different perceptions and to work in teams. The case study discussions held in class require not only a reading of the case but also doing a background research on the company and the industry as well. The level of competition is intense, it demands excellence and makes me a management graduate who is not only well-versed with the managerial concepts but is also someone who can apply the knowledge for critical reasoning and decision making with a panache. NITTE has refined me into a person who is confident of facing all the challenges of corporate life and grab all the opportunities that come along the way

NITTE has molded me into an individual that has gained respect from almost every student in campus. It has been a platform that not only showed me the right path I am meant for, but also ensured that I stay on that path and continues to achieve. The 2 most valuable years spent at NITTE has indeed sharpened my knowledge and helped a lot in shaping up my future in this highly competitive corporate world. Also NITTE helped me in growing as a person with strong analytical ability and with the capability of facing the situations ethically.

The weekends at NITTE are really pleasant. Some people hang around in the campus; some go out to the city while some remain in their rooms making up for the sleep lost during the weekdays. It is all about striking a balance between work and fun. After all it is rightly said, "Work hard and Party harder". I have learned a lot from college. This has made my journey an unforgettable experience of my life.

At NSM, we know that excelling in the rapidly changing world of business is the greatest challenge organizations are facing today. Our programs provide powerful tools for facilitating meaningful organizational change in important areas such as: improving strategy development and implementation processes, creating a high-performance culture, managing growth and innovation, and developing leadership capabilities. During the formative years, the Trust managed a number of institutions in Nitte (Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka) and Mangalore. To spread the Trust’s mission of affordable quality education to other parts of Karnataka and India, various institutions of learning have been established.

Raghvendra (Batch of 2009-2011)

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