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Management Education: Best bet for girl students.

‘Education is an ability to meet life’s situation’ – Swami Vivekananda

This blog is dedicated to all girl students pursuing management education across India Education of girl children did not receive as much attention and priority as it should have for reasons more than one. Although the call for its implementation was loud and clear, it still missed the target. A number of women folk at the helm of Corporates, banks, business houses, and other establishments has been abysmal. However, the scenario of women empowerment, recruitment, promotion, and share in top management is fast changing with positive buzz and vibes. It is a welcome augury.

The proof of this new shift is all there to see in terms of increasing girl student admission to management institutes. Girl students opting for PGDM course is on the rise, especially in the last one decade. There are instances where the admission rate for girl students is on par with boy students if not more. Look at the business news channels, half the time you will see young and sprightly women anchoring the shows, talking to corporate executives and business leaders. Who are they? They are the new breed post graduates in management. At Nitte School of Management, Bangalore we have witnessed this trend of a bigger share of girl students in PGDM courses in the last 3 years. Increasing preference for PGDM course is seen among at least 14 States from where Nitte School of Management, Bangalore secured admission.

Why do girl students fare better than their counterparts in securing corporate positions, share in start-up businesses, and practically everywhere? The reasons are not far to seek.

As the saying goes, ‘men make houses, women make homes’, female students, employees, managers are found to be more focused on job outcome, business result, and academic grades. By very nature, they are humble, soft-spoken, well organized, and empathetic. Let us take a few more issues on their right side in the blogs to come. Till such time, wish you all a happy, fulfilling, result-driven, goal-focused ‘ International Women’s Day’

At NSOM we practice and guide the students on this 7 minutes technique.

Dr. N Jayarama Shetty, Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, MA( Psy), LL B, CAIIB, D. TD, PG. DHRM, PG. DMM, Pragya, Visiting Professor, Nitte School of Management, Bengaluru

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