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Are you positively oriented towards your Goals?

It is true that we are driven by goals in every stage of our life. Goals by themselves do not change you much. Its impact on you depends on how often you look at them and gear yourself up. Just consider that you have chosen to read 10 books over next 2 months.  You keep 5 books right on your study table and the other 5 books in a closed place.  Which set of books you are likely to take up and look at more often than not? Obviously, those on the table.  Why? They are seen, they are available! There are thousands of quotes which you liked.  Not even one crosses your mind  and serves you when you wanted them most! Why, it is for the reason that you have not noted down and kept them available. Remember the golden rule: ‘Out of sight is out of mind’.  So are your goals in life. If you had cut down every goal into five dominant activities and ‘read’ them often, they would have popped up in your mind just like drop of a hat.  For students, this habit of writing down goals into ‘rules’ of implementation is powerful.  A long range Olympian swimmer was so tired having to put up with mist and extreme cold that she just gave up. When she realized that she was only about 100 meter away from the goal post,   she felt shocked and exclaimed, ‘If only I could see the goal, I would not have given up’. What was the issue? In that thick fog and bone biting cold she could neither see the goal post nor had the motivation to stick to.  Two months later, she came back to the same competition, competed with men and cleared the task  two hours in advance!

That is the power of seeing where we are and knowing what should be done.  In your academic pursuit, insist on regular feedback from your teachers and mentors.  It is rightly said, ‘Knowledge is power’. Here knowledge is about knowing where we are and what we ought to do  to get what we wanted. Follow the following rules as you go about pursuing your goals in life.

  • Make it a point to write your personal diary before you go to bed.
  • Start the new day with a quick reading of what you did till the previous day.
  • If you come across certain limitations persistently, discuss with your academic guide and seek help.
  • Increase your speed of doing things say by 5% for next one week and  see the ‘difference.
  • Do not wait for the best to be there to start. Start with the good, make it better and the best follows.
  • Celebrate your breakthrough here and there. Learn to convert your breakdown into breakthrough day by day and in every way.

Nitte School of Management, Bengaluru,  one of the leading B-Schools in Bengaluru, trains its PGDM students on life skills like these.  Students tend to learn the art of taking charge of themselves first with setting the goals, going through the process as explained above and then ‘celebrating’ the success. Nothing succeeds like success.

Dr. N J Shetty,  Professor, Nitte School of Management, Ph.D, M Com, MBA, MA( Psy), LL B, CAIIB, D TD, PG DHRM, PG DMM,  Pragya,   Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified  OD Coach,

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