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Tough Times don’t last tough people do!

“Life is a grindstone and whether it brings you down or polishes you up is for you and you only to decide” – Cavett Robert

One of the essential traits of great leaders is to put up with difficult times, bide for good times and make the best of present times. We cannot wait for a ‘great time’ to commence working for great causes. It is just that we start right away doing what we can, with what we have, and where we are. Look at the beautiful ducks that swim so peacefully and graciously outside. What is the secret of that peace and persistence? It is the struggle that takes place inside the waters! They keep padding the water relentlessly just to be able to push themselves up and move forward. What about the boats that sail in different directions in a river? The wind blows towards the west but a certain boatman has to move towards the East! Now the question is which direction is easy and which is a must? Yes, lifelike wind opens up in a certain way. But we have to live it our own way! These two ways are not in clash with each other. Both the ways are necessary and are to be acknowledged. Such instances of what is easy and what is a must-do happen almost always. Let us look at a few such steps to shore up and move ahead.
1. Do not wait at the end of the road. It is only a bend and not the end!
2. Do not engage yourself with negative connotations like ‘why me only’, ‘why to me only’.
3. Every difficulty brings in its wake a certain opportunity too. Cash in on it and reap.
4. You are not alone in this struggle. Everyone goes through this ‘fire’.
5. During times of pressure show grace. If you do not smile, others will laugh at you!
Students often face pressure thinking of their future career. One thing is for sure friends: We have to walk and walk forward. Best PGDM College in Bangalore which is Nitte School of Management, has taken several steps in helping the students ease their pressure and focus on studies. Over a period of time, we have seen in students a quantum shift in attitude towards their sense of health, peace, and performance.

Dr. N Jayarama Shetty, Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, MA( Psy), LL B, CAIIB, D. TD, PG. DHRM, PG. DMM, Pragya, Visiting Professor, Nitte School of Management, Bengaluru

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