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Campus to Corporate: Make your Stay concrete.

Management students need to realize that stay at B-School and work at a corporate is not really different. PGDM course content is like a work manual for someone to work in Corporates. The syllabus for PGDM program is designed with active engagement with corporate executives, business leaders and of course faculty with industry background.  Every B-School in India has a full-pledged Board of Studies which looks at the syllabus content and its context closely from practical angle and work place applications. Students are often viewed as ‘business managers’. Generally there will be two mentors for each PGDM student throughout the course period. Now that the B-School is doing so much for making you ‘day one desk fit’, what is expected of you as a matter of personal commitment and towards professional excellence?

  • View every subject as your SOP or standard work manual. When you simulate mentally the corporate expectations, learning gets absorbing and intentional.
  • Participate in every class as if you are sitting in a business meeting, listening to your superiors, making notes to act on and so on. This kind of mindset creates a different nd level of involvement.
  • Try writing practical cases one after the other. Read a lot on corporate functioning, corporate challenges, SWOT analysis, corporate turn around and such other interventions.  Discuss your ideas and insights as you prepare the case study with your learned professors. Be resourceful as you present your case in class room. Take feedback from your teachers and improve on your work. You may highlight such work in your resume. Your future employers would definitely take special interest in your work that relates to business world. You may even send well articulated cases for publication.
  • Make best use of the library. Make it a point to go through business magazines and financial dailies. Make notes on what interests you and preserve. More talking points you generate in course of your library assignment, better it is for you.
  • Management guru C K Prahalad once told, ‘If your aspirations are not greater than your resources, you are not an entrepreneur’. During your course period, show case your aspirations before your teachers as often. You can always expect help and endorsement from unexpected quarters. Keep flexing your muscles of preparation in sync with future challenges. Fortune favours the prepared mind.

Nitte School of Management, leading Business School in Bengaluru, offers its prestigious two-year full time PGDM course in consonance with industry requirements and corporate bench mark.

Dr N J Shetty, Professor, Nitte School of Management, Ph.D,M.Com, MBA, MA( Psy), LL B, CAIIB, D.TD(ISTD), PG DHRM, PG DMM,  Pragya,  Certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, OD Coach,




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