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Facilities @ Nitte Campus

Facilities @ Nitte Campus
  • Hostel: Hostel with full-fledged facilities
  • Library: Vast collection of books, magazines is our Novelty.  Digital facilities are available
  • Sports: Spacious playing ground for all games and sports is available
  • Medical facilities: 24×7 medical attention and support is on board
  • Clubs: Institute has variety or students clubs for academic and cultural engagement
  • Gym: Separate Gym facilities for girls and boys with supervisors supports is available
  • ATM: Bank branch and 2 ATMs are in the campus is ready to serve you
  • Wi-Fi: Our campus is well connected learning system with wi-fi and user friendly
  • Canteen and Mess: High quality canteens and mess facilities at your service
  • Open Theatre: Your appetite for music and fun is fully served in our World and open theatre

Other Amenities

  • State-of-the-art conference rooms
  • Robust and scalable IT Infrastructure with 1600+ computers
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus with 400 Mbps (leased line- 1:1).
  • 24/7 HT power supply with 320 KVA generator
  • Residential facility for faculty
  • Multi-purpose Gym and Indoor/outdoor sports facility
  • On-campus student Medical Center/counselling cell
  • On-campus Higginbothams Campus Book Store
  • On-campus Multi-purpose Society
  • On- campus Internet Browsing/Reprographics Facility
  • Transportation Facilities from different corners of Bangalore city.
  • Cafeteria serving multiple cuisines
  • Open Air Theatre
  • ATM facility

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