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How do you give feedback on someone’s presentation?

‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’ – Kenneth Blanchard

The most dreaded thing after delivering a talk, making a presentation is to have to receive
others feedback. It is natural to be ‘fearful’ especially in the backdrop of the fact that feedback
givers are generally unreasonable, ill-prepared or untrained in this area! You are someone who
may have received or given feedback sometime or the other. Feedback is something every one
of us needs but not all of us are trained to offer constructive, objective and helpful feedback to
others. Giving feedback is not just a formality nor is something you can just let go and be gone
from the scene! Remember that, process of giving ‘feedback’ is a part of enabling the other and
helping him grow. If you are an athlete, you would necessarily a have a coach by your side. The
coach need not be better than the player but every player needs the one. The role of a coach is
developmental, inspirational and multi- dimensional. No one therefore can afford not to have a
mentor, coach or someone who gives feedback to you.
Management students need pay special attention for feedback from mentors. Nitte School of
Management, Bengaluru has successfully put in place dual mentoring for its PGDM students –
one mentor from the corporate/industry fraternity and the other from the Institute. Mentors
identify the skill sets students need to equip themselves with in addition to regular PGDM
course. With a mentor, students can improve conversational and problem solving skills. With
valuable inputs from both the mentors, students can push themselves beyond curriculum and
classroom hours. Students will do well to note the following in the matter of receiving

  • Share freely your S-W-O-T with mentors.
  • Work your way and show the result. Nothing can please your mentor more than this.
  • Replicate your mentor and take a few steps to start with. Down the line, you can go on
    your own.

Dr. N J Shetty, Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, MA (Psy), PG. DHRM, PG. DMM, LL B, CAIIB, D. TD, Pragya, Professor,
Nitte School of Management, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified OD Coach

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