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Four habits to leave behind…

‘We are what we do repeatedly, excellence then is not an act,  it is a habit’ – Aristotle

It is so true a thing that the habit that you form can work towards your breakthrough or breakdown.   Just as we have to nurture helpful habits, it is equally important that we come in touch with some of our habits that hamper us than help. It is easy to pick up bad habits but difficult to live with.   Student life is most precious of all but at the same time it is most susceptible and vulnerable.  Take care therefore what you pick up in the name of passion, habits and way of life. As students you need to devote undivided attention to your educational course in the first place.   Two years of undivided attention and accelerated efforts can bring bonanza of return for next 4o years or so.   As a management teacher for thirty years now,  I have observed among others the following habits students must leave behind.

Response style:  Stephen Covey, in his celebrated book, ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ identified six ways in which people respond to others. They are a) Quit or rebel b) Malicious obedience c) Willing compliance d) Cheerful cooperation   e) Heartfelt commitment f) Creative excitement.  Generally our tendency is to respond in first three ways.  Can you change it over to d)   e) and f)?

Take part upfront:  How quickly and proactively you would involve yourself in a given task or assignment determines your position in an organization. I have seen students looking away or dragging feet to participate. Be the first to be there and there you are.  Make it a point take place in the first three rows as far as possible.

Do not sulk:  Look interested and cheerful and that alone sets the pace for you. There is nothing to gain in sulking and backtracking.  Your problems are not for ever but you are!

Talk loud and clear:  Do not make others struggle to hear what you say. To make your point crystal clear should be your priority every time and everywhere.  That is the only way to get noticed and remain counted.

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Dr. N J Shetty,  Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, MA(Psy), PG. DHRM, PG. DMM, LL B, CAIIB, D. TD,   Pragya,    Professor,  Nitte School of Management,   Certified NLP Practitioner,   Certified Life Coach,    Certified OD Coach

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