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Let us mind our mind!

“The significant problem that we have today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Mind is at the bottom of most of our issues. Mind prevails over matters and it can either make or mar the ultimate result. Einstein once said,’ God is mind, God is infinite; hence all is mind’.  Mind is at the background of all that we do, see, perceive, think and act upon. It is said that most of the problems in life are nothing but a matter of absence of ideas. It is possible to make our ideas work for us and act as solutions. If someone has kept his issues open and unsolved, it only means that he has not ‘thought over’ the matter enough. Mind is like a key: turned in one direction it locks, turned in another direction it helps unlock! Mind can be trained to work for us. Untrained mind is like an unbridled horse. It can take us to wilderness or uncharted domains.  Mind which is harnessed can serve us with fruitful results. Waters flowing wildly in a river, breaches the banks and harms all around. It flows, harms and goes into vain. On the contrary, if a dam could be built with scientific planning, stored waters could be used for multiple purposes. So is human mind; if well directed and disciplined, it can help turn problems into propositions and take us from breakdown to break through. 

There are five mental laws that operate in each of us. These laws like other physical laws that operate in a set pattern. Mental laws, however, can be brought under the radar of our awareness. As we become aware of these mental laws, we are able to direct them to our advantage.  If a horse trainer trains his horse with shouts all the time, he cannot expect it to obey his whispers! We get the result as we train ourselves and others. It is after all our mind, and let us mind it at all times. 

Five mental laws are

a) Law of cause and effect 

b) Law of control  

c) Law of belief  

d) Law of concentration

e) Law of attraction.

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