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Must Read: Life is to go through and not just go to …

It is said that the difficulties in life are intended to make us better and not bitter. Our life is designed to take everything that comes, stays and even torments for long. Life is a flow and it has to move on and on. It is not a fixture to be lifeless! Is there anyone in this world who did not have challenges and controversies? Life offers challenges and opportunities in its own way and proportion.  Just as ‘evening’ of life brings a lamp with it, darkest cloud beams with a silver line; life makes us and sometimes mars us inevitably.

Most unfortunately, we come across too often youngsters, blessed with apparently everything, putting an end to themselves. Oh God!  How cruel it could be for someone to say ‘No’ to himself?  We have thousands of examples of people who were pushed to the wall, making a turn around by sheer will to win and survive.  Just consider the case of Marvan Attapattu, Sri Lankan Cricketer.

  • In his debut in test cricket,  scored a duck in first innings… ditto in second innings
  • Got dropped. Went back to nets, played plenty of first class cricket
  • 21 months later, selectors called him back: Scored zero in both the innings
  • Got the axe again. Went back to lots of practice, scored runs and runs in first class cricket
  • 17 months later, national selectors looked at him again and called. Lo and behold!, again Zero and Zero! Experts said that Marvan lacked skill for big ticket cricket
  • Did not give up! Put heart, mind and soul for the game he loved most
  • 3 years later, he received one more call! This time around Marvan did not look back. Went on to score 5000 runs consisting of 16 centuries and 6 double hundreds. He wore the captain’s cap for Sri Lanka.

Friends, what more you want to love yourself and what you can bring forth in your life.  Note that Marvan was a Chartered Accountant himself. He could have gone back to his accounting profession. His passion was to play, play and play cricket no matter what happened in the process or what the world would take him as.

During times of distress, go back to basics, chase your unfulfilled dreams and live. One must ‘die’ to live and succeed.  Think of examples like the above and keep in front of you  such instances of ‘coming back’ from behind. Think of Gandhiji, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Pandavas, Lord Rama……. and on and on. Such thoughts of great men and women will surely prop you up.

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