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On preparing yourself for life and career…

A woodcutter once told,’ If I had 8 hours to chop a tree, I would spend 6 hours sharpening my saw’. That is the power of preparation which goes into moulding our life and career. Helen Keller once said, ‘Life is either a daring venture or nothing at all’. It takes courage to prepare, face and then receive whatever comes our way. We have no control over the result in life butwe can definitely influence the outcome that we want by way of being in a state of preparedness. Follow the following 9 Ps meticulously.
1. Purpose: Remind yourself the purpose you are here for? Ask even more powerfully,’  what is it I want? What is it that I am doing right now? If the purpose of what you say ordo is not clear, re-examine yourself and your motives.
2. Preparation: The will to win is worthless if it is not backed by the will to prepare.
3. Patience: It is the rarest virtue you should possess and be proud of. A man without patience is like a lamp without oil!
4. Principles: Success is the product of proceeding on the lines of principles and path of rectitude.
5. Positive Attitudes: The process of preparing for something ahead is by itself a matter of positive expectation. It prepares our body, mind and soul in the direction of outcome.
6. Plan: Planning is everything in life. No one plans to fail! In planning itself lies the possibilities.
7. Price: Preparation is the price that we pay willingly for a bigger payoff in life. The price that you pay today is well compensated by the value that you reap tomorrow.
8. Pride: Conviction of what we are doing and the faith that it would work for us is the best guarantee for peace and prosperity.
Yes friends, follow these eight Ps carefully. Identify your S-W-O-T under each of these. You can make most of it by becoming aware of eight Ps in the first place. Take one P at a time and dwell on it for a day and live with it consciously. This process will get automatic in your second, third, fourth rounds. Nitte School of Management, a leading B-School in Bengaluru, trains its students on areas like these in their journey towards personal development and professional excellence.

Dr. N J Shetty, Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, MA(Psy), PG. DHRM, PG. DMM, LL B, CAIIB, D. TD, Pragya, Professor, Nitte School of Management, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Certified OD Coach

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