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The NSOM PGDM is designed to accelerate the career growth of students who would like to continue their higher education.

The program is designed to suit the needs of the industry and develop corporate leaders who can excel in solving complex business problems and contribute to organizational growth along with self-development. The course is developed to deliver knowledge and skills as per the industry trends.

Novelties of Our PGDM programs are:

  • Subjects handled by highly resourceful and research-centric academicians and result-oriented corporate professionals.
  • Immersive and participative Learning by way of seminars, symposiums, participating in high profile conferences, and management fest.
  • Project and Case-based teaching, field level interface with industry experts and entrepreneurs, experiential learning, and presentation in responsible forums.
  • Every student to have 2 mentors- One from the Institute and the other from corporate.
  • Add on courses and non-proctored learning for further reinforcement.
  • Each specialization course is supported by dedicated labs with 10th generation computing systems.
  • Design Thinking Lab which enables real-time problem solution with corporate
  • The highly credible placement record of 98.3%
  • 5 Year Placement Guarantee and back-to-back support from the Institute.
  • Paid Internship opportunities leading to placements starting from semester 3. 

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