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‘READ’ a newspaper in seven minutes!

As students, teachers and any one for that matter we need to carry our climate wherever we go. When it comes to being in touch with day’s news, the challenge is one of time. I have seen people collecting dailies and then make it collect the dust daily! The common alibi given is that they do not have time. Who has time for that matter? If in your library there are 7 papers, do you think you can go through all of them without missing out on other pressing jobs and appointments on hand? The caption may look like a crude joke. I assure you friends that spending just seven minutes on a given newspaper is far better than not knowing anything about what that paper says. If you could approach all those seven papers with an allocation of seven minutes each, you are far ahead of others who do not even open the paper even by default. How to read a paper in seven minutes? It is a challenge but then it is worth trying our hands nay training our eyes!

• Sit in a comfortable place and spread the paper over the table if it permits. Quickly look at the main headings in all the pages. It may take just two minutes. In the second round, open the middle page and skim through the editorial in another 3 minutes. You can afford to miss anything but not the editorial.
• In another two minutes look at your favorite page, it may be stock market, sports, music or whatever.
• As you return to library say after an hour, pick another two papers and follow the same steps. Now that you have ‘seen’ three papers, your idea about the day’s news is almost clear.
• Follow the same rules for the remaining four papers. Follow this practice for next 100 days and see the miracle happening. When I mentioned seven minutes please do not take it literally. You may like to read a particular page for loner time. Your initial journey of seven minutes over seven news papers keeps you in a state of preparedness and edge. The very feeling that you are going through seven papers a day over next 100 days is no less than a celebration.
• This seven minutes per paper practice puts you on fast track with strong muscles and sharp glances. Extend the practice of fast reading to other reading material like novels, books and so on. As great Aristotle once said, ‘We are what we do repeatedly, excellence then is not an act, it is a habit’.

At NSOM we practice and guide the students on this 7 minutes technique.

Dr. N Jayarama Shetty, Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, MA( Psy), LL B, CAIIB, D. TD, PG. DHRM, PG. DMM, Pragya, Visiting Professor, Nitte School of Management, Bengaluru

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