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Tie your TIME to your GOAL…

Tie your TIME to your GOAL…     

‘ If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things’

– Einstein

He was a well known archer known to have trained many in archery. To a particular student, the teacher was a little harsh and high on expectations. Every time the student was ready to let go the arrow, teacher would say, ‘Stop. You are in the wrong’. This continued for a few days. Not once the student was allowed to complete the task. Frustrated, the student decides to leave the school for good. He told the teacher, ‘Give me just one more chance, anyway this is my last day’.  The teacher acceded to the request.  On that day, the student stood ready and aimed… the teacher exclaimed, today you have done it. You can stay back. I will make you the champion of an archer!’. This time around also the student was surprised and said, ‘Sir, I have not let go the arrow and you are applauding me!’.

The teacher clarified, ‘Son, as a trainer I look at the way the archer stands more than the shot. If the position is right, one is bound to hit the target’. Well, friends this is the  lesson to draw for setting goals in life. Positioning means understanding the goal, appreciating the activities that help us move towards goals and respecting the time which is the most scarce resource.  When you tie your ‘time’ to your goal in life, that itself would drive you towards chosen goals in life. Tying the time to goal is like winning half the goal. If you are the student undergoing a management course, remind yourself of what you want out of your course ten times day, silently and firmly. Things and people around are no doubt important but then they are not as important as your avowed goal of objective in life. At Nitte School of Management Bengaluru, students are trained on the art of setting goals and working towards them.

Make it a point to follow the following five rules which help you move towards goals.

  • Write down your goals and split each goal into activities.
  • Make your goals visible to you. More frequently you see what you wrote, deeper they sink.
  • Take baby steps as part of your journey. Remember, to begin is to win
  • Visualize how the realization of your goal would look life, sound like…
  • Celebrate even the small success in your journey. That itself will inspire you continue…


Dr N J Shetty, Professor, Nitte School of Management, Ph.D,M.Com, MBA, MA( Psy), LL B, CAIIB, D.TD(ISTD), PG DHRM, PG DMM,  Pragya,  Certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, OD Coach,

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