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Try try try, now now now, here here here…

Time, space, and opportunities are all just limited. What you see as existing may just disappear as you approach and lay your hands on.  What is the best time and place to do what you always wanted to do? The answer is NOW and HERE! Did you plan to read a book of your love but did not do for years? Did you come across a word and want to look up to a dictionary? Did you still miss the meaning? It is not just the meaning that you missed; it is also that the ‘meaning’ for your life also suffered a jolt. As students of management, did you do what you  must do today? If the answer is in the negative, the chances are  that you will not do it again. Everything in life has a place and that everything must be in its place! Just look at the notes you wanted to update but did not do. List out things which ought to have been done but you did not do. What, Then,  are you waiting for? Bernard Shaw once said, ‘Doing what must be done is not a pleasure, it is greatness’.

Someone asked a farmer, ‘Did you sow the seeds?’ The farmer said that he did not  because he was afraid  that birds may eat them away. He then asked, ‘Did you plant the seedlings?’. The farmer said that he did not do this as he was  not too sure of rainfall. He again asked the farmer, ‘ What did you do then?’ The answer was, ‘I played safe!’  Well dear friends, did the farmer play safe? No, not at all. He did not do the precious little of ‘sowing the seeds’. How then to expect the crop to come up? Just examine in your own case as to whether you ‘sowed the seeds’? If the answer is yes, you have every chance to look up to in life.

What therefore you need to do right now and right here?

  • Examine what makes you to not ‘sow the seeds’
  • What kind of excuses you generally come up with for not doing what must be done?
  • What shift is required to give you that push?
  • How do you distinguish between momentums and movement?
  • What are the specific areas you like be mentored and ‘pushed to’
  • What is your sense of pain of not doing and pleasure of doing?

Back at Nitte School of Management, Bengaluru we often coach our students to get into that action mode. We train students how to move from ‘thinking’ to ‘doing’ on day to day basis. Management students ought to be trained on ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ method of working. Otherwise as business managers, corporate executives they would be in the receiving end!

Dr. N J Shetty,  Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, MA(Psy), PG. DHRM, PG. DMM, LL. B, CAIIB, D. TD,    Pragya,

Professor, Nitte School of Management,    Certified NLP Practitioner,    Certified Life Coach,      Certified OD Coach,





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